segunda-feira, 17 de maio de 2010

Melrose Place, the best TV show ever!

Guys, I have to say...Melrose Place is the most perfect serial ever. I totally love that. Too bad the first season ended, all I can do now is wait for the second one! Do you guys want an excelent advice? I going to tell you, anyway. Download it as soon as possible, I can be sure you are going to love it, if you're not...OK, actually that's like impossible honey bunnies. And another advice (enjoy it, it's free), if you want to improve your english, watching this kind of stuff and derivatives will really help you. The english stucks in your head and it comes out of your mouth naturally, that's magical.

So let's talk about the incredible story: first of all Melrose Place is a drama show, however with comedy and romance too. It's about a group of young adults living in a West Hollywood, California apartment complex. Obviously a lot of cool things happen.
The characters: Ella Simms (Katie Cassidy) is somehow the main, and particularly the best (she is my favorite), she is a high-powered publicist, her most amazing phrase: "I love the love, just hate monogamy" (that's kinda funny), she is totally self trust and have a crush on Jonah Miller, who loves Riley Richmond (who acts as a tipical good girl that goes to heaven, don't like her). Jonah is such a cool guy but a totally jerk when get involved with Ella. Lauren Yung is a medical student, she and David Breck (the cutest and coolest guy ever) are such the perfect couple, they are very cute together. David is rich, that's what he does: being rich and also some wrong things. Later, in the end of the first seasion, he owns the trendy restaurant Coal, which is the 'point' of all of them. So, these five guys are the most important in the show.

Here is the link where is avaiable all the 18 episodes of this wonderful TV show.
Have you ever heard to talk about something that caught your attention like every single second?
That's Melrose Place. What are you waiting for?

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  1. cool, I already whatched and it's fun!

  2. LOL! This TV show is a remake of the original from 90's, but was not so popular as Beverly Hills, 90210 (in Brazil named Barrados no Baile).
    At least for people who was in teens that decade, like me, hehe!
    I saw one episode and have seen the characters renovated, but the same intrigues among them like in the old one, as the same young and beautiful people... very nice!

  3. Hey Apple
    your dominating all over two laguages
    your gonna rock this world with youre ritings
    you got all it takes to make it
    I bleive in you and will always
    I'm really proud of you

    I Watched Melrose Place, and... Wow, I loved it! It's so thrashing funny... T.T
    Ohw, Hunny, you're great!

  5. Sim, sim, é divertido!
    Mostra muito bem como a juventude pode ser babaca xD